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visual branding group



through graphic + web design


the who

who is the visual branding group and what do they do?

We are a branding agency that wants to participate in every area of your branding. From logos to business cards, websites to social brand management, we want to be there creating with you. At The Visual Branding Group, we specially curate a team for each client that will effectively create and promote their fantastic brand while staying within the guidelines of the budget. Located in the Greater Baton Rouge area, we strive to create excellent content that helps potential clients see your business through the very best lens.

branding in baton rouge

the package

If you need a brand from scratch, this baby is
for you!  With plenty of customization in mind,
we'll make sure that your brand is ready to
take the world! The Package includes: a
consultation, logo and branding, a session
with one of our favorite photographers,
website design, and social media kickoff.
If you only need some of these services,
you can choose any 3 or more to bundle!

branding in baton rouge

a la carte

Sometimes you don't need the complete package, you just need one piece.


the logo

You have the perfect business idea but you need something to represent "the look". Stop right here because you've found what you're looking for! The logo is a great way to solidify a brilliant idea!

the branding

You're ahead of the game and you want more than a logo, you want the completed look. Well, today's your lucky day! The branding scheme comes complete with a logo, color scheme, and branding booklet for all of your future design needs.

the site

You have a great look for your branding and you're ready to have your own space on the internet to base the promotions of all your great ideas... ? Look no further! The site is just what you need!