our mission:

To Provide services that meet

the branding needs of your

small business community

with style and professionalism.


a snapshot of our story


The Visual Branding Group started as all companies do... an idea.
This time the idea began with a Facebook post.

Anna Abrahams, our founder (who was, at the time, finishing up her last semester at LSU), put a post on Facebook with snapshot of her skill set (marketing at its finest, haha). She wasn't expecting much, but the response was astounding. People, like you, were responding with an evident need for design skills combined with real marketing goals. Many struggled with finding the time or resources to keep their branding linear (Don’t worry, you’re totally not the only one). Others had enough trouble just being seen by their community.

Just before graduation, Abrahams worked with a local professor at Louisiana State University to set the stage for a branding perspective centered around your needs. After graduating with a bachelor's degree in marketing, Abrahams worked to instate a collaborative of artists, designers, and writers to provide the horizons you were demanding.

And so, The Visual Branding Group was born.



giving back

The Visual branding group

is proud to participate in a

small piece of giving back

to the community (people like

your friend who runs a local

non-profit). Through

the rebecca loren project,

services are gifted or

discounted to help

further the brands we love.