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What is a brand?

It's kind of like a lens that your clients look through to view your product and/or service. So naturally, when creating a brand, you want to be sure that you have the clearest, most beautiful lenses. That way, when your client sees your brand,
they see the most beautiful picture of you and the products and services you are so proud to create. Without further ado, check out the pieces that we think are most valuable to your brand...

the logo

representing your brand

You have the perfect business idea but you need something to represent "the look". Stop right here because you've found what you're looking for! The logo is a great way to solidify a brilliant idea!


the branding

filling in between the lines

You're ahead of the game and you want more than a logo, you want a completed branding scheme. Well, today's your lucky day! The branding scheme comes complete with a logo, color scheme, and branding booklet for all of your future design needs. We might even throw in a business card design or pamphlet...


the site

make it live

You have a great look for your branding and you're ready to have your own space on the internet to base the promotions of all your great ideas... ? Look no further! The site is just what you need!


after the site

becoming a purveyor of fine services

You have a site but it's not performing like you want it to. You have a Facebook page but it's not registering in terms of interaction, and it's certainly not making you money. Need help?


the causes

giving back through the rebecca loren project

Through The Rebecca Loren Project,  the VBG staff are privileged to gift or discount their services to organizations that fill the bill. Want to know if you're one of them? Click below to fill out an application!



Not sure yet what you need? Give us a shout and we'd love to help you decide on the best fit for you!