Anthem: A Web Story


By: Khoury Ieyoub

Logo by:  Helena Williams

the website

The Anthem website was designed with a clean, modern style to give off a young-hip vibe. Because everyone looks at websites differently, it was also designed for different viewing patterns. The website features an event calendar, a blog, extensive team pages, and a logo designed by Helena Williams. Even though the logo wasn’t designed by The Visual Branding Group, it is our goal to design a website that goes along with the theme (Just a heads up… we love working with clients who already have designs but want to further their branding).

the back-story

The Anthem, based out of First Testament Church in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, originally started as a college worship band that evolved into a Christian ministry. Young members of First Testament Church had a burning desire to gather believers within the community to worship together. Out of this heart, Anthem Worship Nights were born. Anthem is dedicated to a lifestyle of worship and holy pursuit, with a mission to glorify God in every walk of life. Through songs of praise and prayer, Anthem Worship Nights focus on thanking God and healing in His presence. For more information on Anthem Worship Nights click here.

website design
further branding
Photos by: Renee Richard

Photos by: Renee Richard

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