Prien Pines: A Branding Story


By: Khoury Ieyoub


the branding

Creating a logo for Prien Pines Nursery was a detailed process, as there were so many possible design directions and ideas. The final logo design was inspired by using a blueprint from a previous work of the current Prien Pines Nursery owner, Steven Abrahams. The nursery’s logo is the shape of a rose garden Steven created in Bakersfield, California for Seven Oaks Country Club.  

Other inspirations come from Valley Commissary and Dümmen Orange. Dümmen Orange represents a legacy of floricultural excellence, and provides the largest selection of superior flowers and plants on earth. With a passion of uniting the world through flowers, Dümmen Orange joins the world’s top breeder’s under one distinctive brand to blend traditional techniques and emerging technologies. Steven wanted to incorporate this mood and mission into the logo design of Prien Pines Nursery.

the history

Prien Pines Nursery was founded by Gary Abrahams in Lake Charles, Louisiana in 1977. After retiring from the military, Abrahams decided to take a business venture which led to the creation of Prien Pines. Recently, Abraham’s son Steven took over the family-owned business after returning home from Los Angeles, California. Steven gained years of experience working in Los Angeles as a landscape architect. His experiences there have influenced the products that can be found in the nursery. With a unique variety of garden pottery, fruit and citrus trees, gifts, flowering trees and shrubs, wind chimes and more, Prien Pines is the ultimate destination for any garden or plant needs. On a visit to the nursery, one may run into the Abraham’s two dogs and newly adopted cat.

logo design
logo options
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