Sometimes winning doesn't feel like winning

By: Anna Abrahams


There's usually a conflict in my life between the tangible and the actual.
Lies relentlessly plague my mind attacking the things God has spoken over my life.
To be honest, not many days go by without a mental attack against my salvation, peace, or joy.

It's all over. You'll never get past this. I've won and God lost. Not even Jesus' blood can redeem this situation.

Satan loves to hit me with hopeless thoughts while I'm waiting for faith to become sight in different areas of my life (and I'm sure I'm not the only one...).

But the beauty is, because of Jesus, we're no longer a slave to those crazy thoughts. 

If I was forced to live in the wacko thoughts that dance through my mind, I would be a nut case. 

...But we have the mind of Christ

2 Cor 2:16 b

That's the freedom. We have the mind of Christ. So it doesn't matter what our situation looks like. It doesn't matter what lies Satan throws at our shield of faith. We have the mind of Christ! He has given us everything we need to walk in his victory.

Whether it does or doesn't seem to be so... We win because He won! All we have to do is walk with Him and HE WILL bring us to the other side. 

No matter what it looks like.

No matter what it feels like.