Some of my favorite spots in Baton Rouge



I met a friend the other day who is new to Baton Rouge. Of course I immediately barreled into a list of my favorite spots I thought she might enjoy. The list went on for a while until I finally offered to send her a written list (just so it wouldn’t be so overwhelming). One thing turned into another and I thought, why don’t I share this with all my friends, not just the ones new to Baton Rouge?! Now, obviously this isn’t a comprehensive list of the best places in Baton Rouge. It’s just a list of a few of my favorites. If you have any suggestions, feel free to comment them below because I’m always interested in a new experience!

my favorite foodie spots

elsie’s plate and pie

Ok, y’all! When they say legendary pies, they aren’t kidding! Oh my gosh! I can’t say enough about this place! Take it as a higher culinary twist on southern comfort food. A few of my favorite menu items include, their Louisiana Poulet Pot Pie, Ruby Greens Salad, Nutella Pie, and their Lemon Icebox Pie.


Before you write me off as basic, hear me out on this one! As a creative, I am about the experience almost as much as I am crazy about food! Tsunami’s is my favorite sushi joint because of the food AND the view! Where else can can you grab a significant other and watch the sunset high over the Mississippi River? Or my favorite… watch a thunderstorm roll in from Lafayette?! My favorite menu items include the Rock and Roll, Ragin Cajun, and Lava Rolls. They also have a delicious sweet potato bowl that is a lovely accent to sushi (and quite filling too).

white star market feat. gov’t taco and mj’s cafe

I typically don’t go for vegan / vegetarian as a first choice but I have enjoyed some pretty incredible vegan / vegetarian experiences in my time, two of which happen to be at White Star Market.

Gov’t Taco has my favorite taco in Baton Rouge called the Magna Carrot! It provides a lovely experience by adding a combination of cane glazed carrots, black bean purée, goat cheese, chimichurri, and pepitas to your life. Just trust me on this one! I get it every time I’m in White Star Market.

MJ’s Cafe has really fun plant based options as well! My favorites are their seasonal cakes and cookies on the counter (spoiler: I love sweets).

Pinetta’s European Restaurant

This is my favorite hole-in-the-wall restaurant in Baton Rouge. They offer a variety of European food but I always go for the Italian dishes! If you go, make sure to grab anything with their red sauce. It seriously tastes like 100 years of goodness!

my favorite study spots at lsu

Common Grounds

Looking for a coffee (or in my case a chai latte) and a different place to study? Check out Common Grounds! I spent many an hour holed up in this cute little place! If you’re having a hard time locating it, It’s right next The Refuge and U-High.

the enchanted forest

When I was on campus, I loved to go to this quiet spot to take a break or crack open a few textbooks.

quirky adventure spots

Highland Road Observatory

Looking for a free, slightly nerdy, date night? This is one of my husband, Henry, and I’s favorite spots. We enjoy going to look at the stars or hear an interesting lecture.

Mid City Maker’s Market

Want to dive into the creative community? Go to a maker’s market! You’ll meet so may interesting people honing their craft in the Greater Baton Rouge Area! A few of my favorite stops are Maru Bread Co., Firefly Jewelry, and Mimosa Handcrafted.

Coffee Shops and sweet stops

counterspace br

I’ve baked a lot of chocolate chip cookies in my life so I like to think of myself as a choco. chip cookie snob. But I have never found a cookie so delicious as Sarah Joy’s Salted Chocolate Chip Cookie! Do yourself a favor and get one today! It might change your life…

Light house coffee

A coffee shop that feels like Waco and provides jobs for refugees? Yes please! This coffee shop is cool for SO many reasons including ethical sourcing, the Hope Shop, where they sell products that give back, and self-sufficiency classes for immigrants. My favorite menu items include a chai latte, their Blueberry Hibiscus Tea, Maple Blueberry Bacon Toast, and last but not least, their Counterspace cookies :)

coffee in baton rouge

La divina

Looking for a fun music venue? Check out La Divina on a Friday night! You can enjoy a lovely bowl of gelato while listening to local musicians share their stories through song. 10/10 recommend!

coffee call

Head over to Coffee Call for a true Louisiana experience. The Beignet Fingers are just fabulous piping hot and shared with a friend or two.

baton rouge bucket list

(aka things I haven’t tried yet)

soji: asian fusion


uptown climbing

provisions on perkins

the overpass merchant

give me more ideas

I’m always down to try something new so drop your favorite spots in the comments below! I can’t wait to hear your thoughts!

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