Does your website support your brand?


By Hannah Campo & Anna Abrahams


In the digital age we live in today, it is imperative for businesses to showcase websites that accurately represent their brand. Customers expect the luxury of looking up any business and immediately learning all about the experience that is provided by that company. Here’s a little (non-comprehensive) checklist to assess if your website is doing all it can for you:

Is it an accurate portrayal of you and your brand?

A good website is a super easy way to demonstrate that your business is credible and professional. You have the opportunity to determine your customer’s impression of you and your business. We often work with clients who have a site that does not accurately portray their work.

For example, Jane may create beautiful products and have a really cool business model, but her website is dated and doesn’t communicate just how wonderful she is.

In addition to displaying your work and experience, your customers can access the information they need 24/7,  making it possible for people to work around the inconvenient fact of business hours and learn about your company whenever you are on their brain (we’ve all done the whole “late-night-dreaming about-something-new” research thing).

Does it help people understand your work?

When you have a great business website, you also have the ability to represent your work in a way that is very easy for your client to understand and navigate. It is important for people to have a clear understanding of your brand and what exactly you can do for them, because they will be more likely to utilize your services if they can understand who you are and what you do.

We also recommend making updates often so that your website is true to the position your business is currently in. A few questions you could ask your self here might be:

are my products current?

Is it easy to buy my products?

Do I have a clear path of what it’s like to work with my business?

would the information that i’m sharing make sense to someone who doesn’t know me?

Does it work “for” you?

To ensure your business is running as effectively as possible, you also want to make sure your website is working for you rather than only functioning as an online “business card.” You should use your website as much as possible to learn more about your customers. What are some practical ways to do this? We currently enjoy using things like:

Contact forms that capture email addresses

Online Questionnaire that help us learn more about our clients

Scheduling Software that helps streamline our on-boarding process

surpass their expecatations

at VBG, we want to help you create a beautiful and functional website that screams “you” and your brand. let’s do this!

People have high expectations of everything on the internet, so you want to make sure you have a website that meets those expectations. While a site that was half-heartedly functioning used to make the cut, it just doesn’t work that way anymore. At VBG, we want to help you create a beautiful and functional website that screams “you” and your brand. Let’s do this!

If you like to make an appointment to talk about creating your website, click the link below and let’s dream over a cup of coffee (or tea, if you’re like our manager, Anna Abrahams).

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