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It’s easy to fall behind and feel like you’re suddenly drowning in work. Whether you are still in school or have a job, we know the importance of planning ahead and keeping your schedule organized!

Personally, one of my favorite planning tips is to look ahead at everything I have coming up and write it down ahead of time so I don’t forget what I have planned. We asked you, our social media followers, about your planning habits and here is what we learned from you:

practical planners

Most of our followers plan things out on paper. Getting a planner is an easy way to stay organized because it’s easy to flip back and forth and see what you have going on in the future. Plus, planners can be super cute and personal! Some great examples of cute and highly functional planners include:

Inkwell Press - This is a woman-owned brand with customizable planners

Happy Planner - so many different designs and a bit less expensive than inkwell or erin condren

Simplified by Emily Ley - minimalistic designs allow you to add your own flair

Erin Condren - different types of planner for different lifestyles

Lilly Pulitzer - Super colorful designs with positive messages and super cute stickers

online organization

Some of our favorite tools for staying organized are

Asana, Acuity, and Hootsuite.

Asana is essentially an online planner that allows you to keep track of what you’re working on and stay on top of upcoming projects.

Acuity is a scheduling site that lets people book appointments with you and helps you manage all of your meetings and events.

With Hootsuite, we are able to easily manage all social media for ourselves and our clients. It’s a one-stop-shop where we can post content as well as view the analytics of our posts.

everyone has a different method that works best for them when it comes to planning. we asked some of our followers for their best planning tips. here are some of our favorites:

“Plan out your week, don’t just react to what comes up! I like to write things out on paper.”


“I use a software called Acuity to manage my client meetings.”


“Google Calendar!”


“Make a list. Keep a planner/agenda book.”


“Check boxes and looking at the calendar several months in advance.”


whether you prefer to use online methods to stay organized or good old-fashioned paper planning methods, there are so many ways to stay on top of your work! find something that works for you and 👏 get 👏 to 👏 planning!

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