So you've "brand-sitioned." What now?



brand-sition (brand-zi-shun) noun. 1. a transition from your old brand to a new and updated brand; our business received a brand-sition from the visual branding group.

Transitioning your brand from an old style to a new style can be a great way to show people your ability to continue growing as a business. When beginning to use your new brand, there are many elements that need to come together to ensure your brand is congruent and well-balanced. You know these elements (the logos, fonts, and colors) need to be implemented in everyday use to communicate your brand to people but maybe you’re not quite sure how to do it?


love your logo

When people think about rebranding, the first thing that usually comes to mind is the logo. Logos give people an idea of what you do before even reading anything about your company. So, you want to include your logo on everything you do for your business so that it is clear who is sending the message and it allows people to begin recognizing your business. A few good places to start would be:

Your website

Your social media accounts

Your business card

finesse those fonts

While often overlooked, fonts are a simple but important way to communicate the personality of your brand. Through the design process, we chose font styles that represent your brand well so now it’s time to use them on everything from your website to business cards. Using your fonts as often as you can allows all of your content and any work you do to be congruent and representative of your brand’s personality. A few ways to do this would be:

When creating anything associated with your brand (a sign, business card, website, or postcard), use ONLY the font’s that are in your branding kit.

Make sure your fonts match across the board. CONGRUENCE is QUEEN!

conquer with color

Deciding what colors you want to use with your brand can be super fun! Like with the fonts, it’s important to show off what kind of brand you are by choosing colors that fit your brand’s personality. To keep everything congruent, you will also want to use your brand colors on (pretty much) everything so that when people see the colors, they automatically think of you.

Now you have your new fonts, colors, and logo, scan your social media accounts and website with the lens of :

Is everything I’m seeing accurately communicate who I am and what I do?

Does everything match with my brand colors?

Am I utilizing my brand colors and fonts in these spaces?

Is there anything I could employ to further help this process?

Your brand is here! It’s new and beautiful so show it off! Let your clients, customers, and friends know about the updates you’ve made so that they can join in on the excitement!

If you need a new “brand-sition,” let us help you out!

We’ll be happy to put something together for you!

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