What Drives Your Productivity While Working From Home?


by: anna abrahams

Photo Credits:  Rebekah Burch

Photo Credits: Rebekah Burch

I have to say, working from home can be death or life to productivity. If you've done it before, you know how easy it can be to choose laundry or some other house task that you don't even like over your never ending work duties (you know... the ones you desperately want to check off your list but you're simultaneously dreading). Even if you don't work from home, you probably have felt the pull of those million billion "things" just waiting to steal your productive day right from under your nose. 

With that in mind, I've been surveying my habits and, although I'm no productivity expert, I've noticed some things that really help me sail through the day.

put that phone away!

And by, "put it away", I don't mean ignore those important calls. Not by a long shot! I've simply noticed that when I plug in my phone to charge for an hour (because I've run the battery down to 3%) I'm not as distracted by all of those pesky notifications. It gives me time to focus for a solid stretch of time before I get back in touch with all of the medias.

write it down and actually follow the plan.

Ok, I am the worst with this, but when I actually follow through, it's amazing! So my deal is, I write everything down and then don't do any of it. Some help that is! But when I actually write it down AND follow the plan (it helps if you organize your tasks from most to least urgent) I stay on task more efficiently. Add to that, I get to look back and see everything I've accomplished so far, which is super motivating to me.

turn on the peaceful tunes.

Endurance is a problem for me. I just get super worn out staring at a computer screen all day long.  But when I have cool tunes playing, it seems to shift my mood and help me stay going for longer. As a creative / musician, sometimes I have difficulty finding tunes I like because I'm way too picky. So finding the right set of tunes is critical, or music ends up being more distracting than helpful. I don't know what your favorite working tunes are but here are a few artists / playlists that make my day feel a lot better:

What Drives Your Productivity While Working From Home?


  • The Lockwoods

Spotify OR Apple Music






stay hydrated. eat enough.

Do you ever get so focused on a task that you forget to eat or take a sip of water? I do! All the time! Yay for productivity, but not if it hurts your body. You may get tons of work accomplished in a short amount of time but your endurance will most likely be short lived. To overcome this set back, trying making sure you drink a certain amount of water per hour, or before lunch. Have some healthy snacks on hand (but a little out of reach.).


and last but not least...

get inspired by something new.

What drives your productivity?

What inspires you? What gets your brain dreaming and thinking of new possibilities?

For me it's learning something new. When I learn a new design concept, it gets me excited to try new things on my current projects. It boosts my creativity and actually makes me happy! My favorite online learning resource so far is Lynda.com! There's so much to learn from professional tutorials curated by LinkedIn. And for you Greater Baton Rouge Area Residents, you can get FREE (let me repeat... FREEEEE) access to these awesome guides through the East Baton Rouge Parish Library! All you need is a library card to set up an account. Try it out here!

For you, it might be something else that gets you going. You might be inspired by a walk outdoors. Or maybe you like consuming beautiful images. Maybe you don't know what inspires you... That's ok. You'll never know until you look around for it...