A Local-ish, Last-minute Shopping Guide


by: anna abrahams

anyone else feel like december is flying by?

It certainly feels like it is rushing past in a great hurry. Maybe it’s because I’m behind on my Christmas shopping? If you’re with me, here’s 10 fun places to shop locally for your last minute gifts.

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I’m here to share with you some of my favorite gifts from amazing people in the Greater Baton Rouge Area. They don’t sponsor me; I just love their gifts like crazy and I think you will too. The best part about it is, most of these items will work on a budget while still offering super fun and meaningful gifts for your favorite friends.


.01) a priceless christmas

The priceless collection

The Drop Earrings from    The Priceless Collection    - Photo by    Darian Kayce

The Drop Earrings from The Priceless Collection - Photo by Darian Kayce

The Priceless Collection = so dear to my heart!

The Priceless Collection is a local company making jewelry to help support anti-sex-trafficking warriors in Asia. I think that’s just the BEST thing EVER! Their partner works to rescue women from trafficking, help them heal, and educate them for a new, vibrant life in society. That’s the kind of Christmas I’m talking about!

I especially love one of their new releases, The Drop Earrings. These beauties, pictured here, embody style and grace, while also doubling as a statement piece.


.02) a caffeinated christmas

Light House Coffee

Photo from    Light House Coffee

Photo from Light House Coffee

You’re into coffee?

Cool! Then you’ve probably made several, if not many, trips to Light House Coffee this year. The adorable shop with super calm vibes just released some really fun merch that will make great gifts for any of your coffee-loving buddies. And if you’re not into mugs or soft t-shirts, they have lots of other fun gifts in their Hope Shop. Even better: They help support refugees in need!


.03) a mimosa christmas

mimosa handcrafted

Photo by    Mimosa Handcrafted

Photo by Mimosa Handcrafted

did you say handcrafted?

Mimosa Handcrafted has a plethora of beautiful, hand-crafted jewelry under $50. Many of the pieces are inspired by Louisiana culture, making great gifts for your friend who treasures their Louisiana heritage. One of my personal favorites is the Aaronic Blessing Necklace (my husband and I speak this over each other nearly every day when one of us leaves the house). It says:

“the lord bless you and keep you, The lord make his face to shine upon you and be gracious to you. The Lord lift up his countenance upon you and give you peace.”


.04) a schoonmaker christmas

chad schoon art

Photo from    Chad Schoonmaker

Photo from Chad Schoonmaker

some of the. coolest. art.

Chad’s art is one of my favorite looks in Baton Rouge. To me, it feels so unique and alive while still keeping a chill vibe! My favorite series so far is the one titled “Battles” that features stunning art resin pours. I was able to attend the Battles show at The Parlor and the art is even more beautiful in person! If you’re down for purchasing an original, GO FOR IT! He also has prints available and they’re pretty. darn. amazing!


.05) an osa christmas

Pottery by Osa

Photo from    Pottery by Osa

Photo from Pottery by Osa

Stunning Pottery

This woman’s pottery has kept me mesmerized for quite some time! Her designs are crafted so artfully and have such a neat depth to them! Items range from terra cotta pots for your house plants to casserole dishes and platters. Her mugs are among my favorites. I mean, how could this lovely mug not make your morning just that little bit brighter?

Photo from    Maranatha Greens

Photo from Maranatha Greens

The gift of fresh food

Maranatha Greens is a Consumer Supported Agriculture (CSA) Farm. Practically speaking, its a small scale farm with really cool farming methods that offers produce on a subscription basis. The cool thing is, they are now offering gift cards so you can literally give the gift of healthy eating while supporting a local farmer.

baton rouge last minute gift guide
Photo from    Maison Greige

Photo from Maison Greige

pretty much everything lovely

Maison Greige is such a fun store to shop in! If you’re looking for a cute outfit, Lacie or one of her sweet girls will style something lovely for you. If you’re looking for home goods, they have beautiful options! Candles, pillows, furniture, you name it! Pretty much everything lovely you’ll ever need (aka your home away from anthropologie).

baton rouge last minute gift guide

.08) a bright christmas

Firefly Jewelry

Photo from    Firefly Jewelry

Photo from Firefly Jewelry

I’m dreaming of a bright christmas..

Firefly Jewelry is one-of-a-kind geometric jewelry crafted right here in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. The designs are inspired by light and are a part of Liz Martin’s journey to finding light in the dark times of life. Each piece is beautiful and inspirational in its own way. The perfect gift for a creative friend in your life!

baton rouge last minute gift guide

.09) a retro christmas

Eveille Jewelry

Photo from    Eveille Jewelry

Photo from Eveille Jewelry

are you eveille?

Eveille is the french word for “awake” and Liz Massey’s designs are designed to “awaken your world”. Featuring lovely, retro-inspired designs, these pieces double as wonderful statement pieces or everyday wear. One of my favorite pairs of earrings are the Chloe Earrings. So beautiful and fun!

baton rouge last minute gift guide

.10) an anthro christmas


Photo by    Anthropologie

Photo by Anthropologie

pretty much my happy place…

Those of you who know me too well know that I can’t talk about gifts and shopping without mentioning Anthropologie! Literally one of my favorite stores on earth. Not exactly local but they have the cutest hair accessories in their Perkins Rowe location and I think they would make fantastic gifts! Especially these sleek hair clips! I mean… how can you not?