Head in the Clouds, Feet on the Ground


By: power pump girls, inc.

"Keep your eyes on the stars, and your feet on the ground."

- Theodore Roosevelt -

Raina Vallot + Sherin Dawud, Founders of  Power Pump Girls

Raina Vallot + Sherin Dawud, Founders of Power Pump Girls

As creative entrepreneurs, we're often faced with the challenge of reigning in our big ideas and lofty dreams.  When we were starting our company as event planners, we were quickly nicknamed the "professional dreamers," as our job was to - quite literally - dream up BIG ideas! But what do you do when you come to the crossroads of following your wildest dreams and keeping a sensible mindset of the real world you live in?

Balance is key. We love to dream outside the box and imagine limitlessly FIRST. In the planning process for a client or Power Pup Girls, we allow ourselves to think as BIG as possible before toning down the big picture into actual, attainable steps. This keeps us from throwing out good ideas in the beginning that actually can be made a reality with some solid logistics behind them.  In our opinion, entrepreneurship is all about finding that sweet spot of balance. Below are four tips we've found to be useful in our business journey. 

1. Never Limit Yourself

It is important to give yourself permission (and sometimes require yourself) to dream big. As an entrepreneur, it's literally your job! Allow your mind to drift off into dreamland and channel your inner childlike imagination where nothing is impossible. Don't limit yourself to what seems realistic - YOU are the one building your business and YOU create its reality. 

2. Support System

This is one of our favorite messages to preach (ha!) and one of the major reasons we created Power Pump Girls. We wholeheartedly believe that behind every great woman is her girl squad of other great women (ideally, all wearing great pumps!). Your support system is a crucial aspect in creating and maintaining a great business. They're your sounding board for your crazy ideas, can help you dream bigger AND take steps to making them happen! 

3. Self Care

Take a break, sis! We can all relate to the overachieving, perfectionist typecast that is often the persona of the millennial entrepreneur. But if you're no good to yourself, you're no good to anyone! Take time to listen to your body and recharge when needed. Your dreams will thank you when they have a clear, well-rested mind to float around and grow in! 

4. Do What's Write 

We're also big proponents of writing down any on-the-whim thoughts or ideas we have to come back to them later. Writing down your ideas allows you to free up space in your brain and have a place to reference later on. And if you're like us, we're visual learners that need to SEE what it is we dreamed up. Writing down your plans is the first step into making them a reality! 

Overall, never be intimidated by your dreams! Your dreams are SUPPOSED to outsize your reality and make you a bit uncomfortable. After you spend time thinking up your biggest, wildest ideas, come back to earth, write them down, and make them happen! We'll be here to support you along the way <3



Raina Vallot and Sherin Dawud are the co-founders of Power Pump Girls, Inc (PPG). PPG is a community of women that bring together the best of their abilities to create and serve something greater than their individual selves. Our mission is to ENCOURAGE goodness, ELEVATE purpose, & EMPOWER together. More info at: www.powerpumpgirls.org